Hello world!

It seems to me that the first post of a blog is the most awkward one to write.

You can look at it in one of two ways. Either you can decide that it is quite insignificant, as surely any good blog will soon fill up with enough content that the first post will quickly get pushed off the front page, and the only people who will ever see it will be the sort who derive their fun from digging through blog archives. Alternatively you can take the view that the first post should lay the ground for what is to come and should therefore serve to show any potential readers the style, tone and content of the blog in question.

I think I tend to lean more towards the former of the two opinions. Considering that I only signed up for a WordPress account 20 minutes ago and only registered this blog about 10 minutes ago, I would be be very surprised indeed that by the the time I hit ‘publish’ in another 10 minutes or so that there will be any readers out there at all as my first post slides off into the depths of obscurity, desperately trying to be heard amongst the vast cacophony of thoughts and opinions which comprise that which we call the blogosphere. But on the off-chance that any of this does matter, I shall endeavour to write a quick summary of why I felt that I needed to add yet another voice to the overwhelming din, and a little about who I am.

I’m 21 years old. I live by the sea in a small town in Wales called Aberystwyth. Last year I graduated from university with a 2:1 honours degree in History. I am also unemployed, for which there could be any number of contributing factors such as graduating right into the middle of a recession and that I didn’t exactly pick a career focussed degree. However, the point is that for as long as I can remember now I have known that any dream job for me would be something where I could write and get paid for it.

I’ve been a long-time fan of the written word. I flinch when I hear something that is grammatically incorrect. I’m one of those people who despises the advent of ‘texting’ and as a form of protest insist on writing all of my messages in long form and with correct punctuation, even if it does cost me more to do so. And I do, generally speaking, enjoy writing. Except there is one problem. I don’t do nearly enough of it. So I formulated a plan by which I would create a blog and post to it all of the things that I write in the hope that this would motivate me to write regularly and, with any luck and constant practice, hone my writing skills further. That, and since I am currently unemployed I reasoned that I don’t really have anything better to do with my time. Regardless of how large a readership I manage to gather here, if indeed any at all, I am hoping that the subconscious thought that what I am writing is being published to the web for potentially everyone to see will at least spur me into action.

So the plan is that I am going to post here regularly, but slowly at first. To begin with I am going to aim for 2-3 posts per week and see where that takes me. The subject matter is going to be considered secondary to the fact that I am at least writing something at all, so the entries will most likely vary between silly entries, opinion peices and snippets of creative prose. That is, in a nutshell, why Balderdash and Poppycock was born. And so now onwards to the great unknown!


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