“The widespread northern leg contrived inside tennis.”

Sentence constructed entirely using a random word generator. The only variable which was changed was whether the next generated word should be a noun, verb, adjective, etc. and the only addition I made was ‘The’ at the beginning for ease of readability.

The other day the age old subject about how some people insist on grossly misusing the word ‘random’ in order to describe anything which is slightly wacky or bizarre came up and I wondered what it would be like to write something truly random by means of using a random computer based generator in order to completely remove any chance for prior forethought.

The end result doesn’t seem so bad, even if it is nonsensical. When I get some more time I may even generate (I can hardly say write) a longer piece of random text to see what I get. Because I love cheap gimmicks.

Otherwise, I realise I’ve not been writing much lately, so I endeavoured to chnage this over the past few days. I’ve not gotten anything solid down yet, but I do have something brewing in my mind now and with any luck will soon develop into something. It’s all rather exciting, especially considering how long it has been since I’ve been able to really latch onto an idea for any length of time.

Fingers crossed…


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