And the deed is done…

So after months of deliberation, doubt, faffing, putting off, procrastinating and downright just ignoring the issue and hoping it would go away and leave me alone, I finally posted off the exit paperwork for my Masters course. It all feels like a bit of a weight has been lifted.

Perhaps my excitement mixed with shock at what I had just done was to blame for the face that, after 6 years living in this town, I seemingly could not recall how the one way system for traffic works here and nearly got myself run over twice on the way to campus. I ended up doing the silly half walk, half run thing whilst trying desperately to look anywhere but at the angry car driver now probably yelling obscenities in your direction.

I feel good, though. Like I can finally move on, and put this botched chapter of my life behind me. There’s a saying and it goes like this, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”


Tomorrow definitely is, at least. Probably.


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